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Defying Gravity with Grace: 10 Drills to Elevate Your Handstands:

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

  1. Wall Kick-Ups: Begin with a wall to build confidence and perfect your alignment. Place your hands shoulder-width apart, kick one leg up towards the wall, and follow with the other. Focus on engaging your core and maintaining a straight line from wrists to heels.

  2. Hollow Body Holds: Strengthen your core and find balance with hollow body holds. From a plank position, tuck your pelvis and engage your abs to create a "hollow" shape. Practice holding this position for 10-20 seconds to improve stability during handstands.

  3. Forearm Plank Taps: Enhance shoulder stability and weight distribution by transitioning from a forearm plank to tapping each hand alternately. This drill simulates the shift in weight needed for handstands.

  4. Dolphin Pose: Strengthen your shoulders and upper body in Dolphin Pose. Begin in a forearm plank, lift your hips, and press your chest towards your thighs. This prepares your upper body for the weight-bearing required in handstands.

  5. Half Handstands Against the Wall: Walk your feet up the wall to a half-handstand position. This drill helps you find the correct alignment for your shoulders and hips, preparing you for the full inversion.

  6. L-Shaped Handstands: Work on engaging your core and maintaining a straight line in an L-shaped handstand with your back against the wall. This drill builds strength and awareness for the proper handstand position.

  7. Partner Spotting: Enlist the help of a friend or a spotter to assist you in finding balance and confidence in handstands. A spotter can provide support and guidance as you work on kicking up into the handstand.

  8. Balancing on Blocks: Place yoga blocks under your hands to elevate your handstand. This drill helps you focus on stacking your shoulders over your wrists and maintaining balance.

  9. Leg Lowers from Handstand: Practice controlled leg lowers from a handstand position to enhance core strength and balance. Lower one leg towards the ground, engage your core, and return to the handstand position.

  10. Freestanding Handstand Attempts: Now that you've honed your skills with the previous drills, attempt freestanding handstands. Embrace the challenge, keep practicing, and remember to enjoy the journey.

Remember, progress in handstands takes time and dedication. Incorporate these drills into your regular practice and be patient with yourself. With consistent effort and a playful spirit, you'll defy gravity with grace in your handstands. Happy inverting! 🤸‍♂️🌟

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