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Flight School: Steps toward Mastering Press Handstand

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Step-by-Step Guide to Yoga Press Handstand:

  1. Warm-Up: Begin with a thorough warm-up to prepare your body for the intense challenge ahead. Engage in dynamic stretches, wrist mobility exercises, and core activations.

  2. Build Strength: Develop upper body and core strength to support your press handstand. Incorporate exercises like dolphin pose, plank variations, and hollow body holds into your practice.

  3. Master Downward Dog: Achieve a strong and stable downward dog pose. Focus on grounding through your hands, engaging your core, and lengthening your spine.

  4. Wall-Assisted Pike Press: Practice pike press handstands with the support of a wall. Start in a pike position with your hands firmly planted on the ground, legs lifted towards the wall. Slowly shift your weight forward and press into your palms to lift your feet off the wall. Use the wall as needed to find balance and control.

  5. Pike Press with Blocks: Place yoga blocks under your hands and practice pike press handstands. The blocks will provide elevation, allowing you to work on the pressing motion with less weight on your arms.

  6. L-Shape Pike Press: From a standing position, fold forward into an L-shape, lifting one leg up towards the sky. Place your hands on the ground and work on lifting your other leg off the floor, engaging your core to find balance.

  7. Negative Pike Press: Start in a pike position and slowly lower your legs towards the ground while maintaining control. Focus on engaging your core and pressing into the ground to control the descent.

  8. Full External Press: Now, attempt the full external yoga press handstand. Begin in a standing forward fold, place your hands firmly on the ground, and shift your weight forward. Engage your core, press into your palms, and lift both legs off the floor simultaneously.

  9. Keep Practicing: The external press handstand requires consistent practice and dedication. Continue to work on your strength, flexibility, and balance to refine your technique over time.

  10. Be Patient and Safe: Remember that learning a press handstand takes time and patience. Always practice in a safe environment, and listen to your body. Be mindful of any limitations and progress at your own pace.

With perseverance and commitment, you can achieve this challenging and empowering yoga pose. Happy handstanding! 🤸‍♂️

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