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This course can no longer be booked.

2024 Yoga Teacher Training

Transform Your Life, Unleash Your Vitality

  • Ended
  • From 3,000 US dollars
  • Om Yoga Studio, Holistic Wellness (Fort Mill)

Service Description

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and wellness?  Our upcoming 200-hour teacher training program is a life-changing experience you won't want to miss. Get ready to dive deep into the ancient wisdom of yoga, guided by our experienced and passionate instructors. During this immersive training, you can expect to explore the philosophy, anatomy, and teaching methodologies of yoga, while also deepening your own practice Whether you're aspiring to become a certified yoga instructor or simply yearning to deepen your understanding of this ancient practice, our program offers a supportive and nurturing environment to foster your growth. Get ready to unlock your full potential, connect with like-minded individuals, and embrace a path of holistic well-being. Join us on this incredible journey towards becoming your best self. Core Curriculum ASANA BREAKDOWN Alignment fundamentals, variations & modifications FOUNDATIONS OF TEACHING Cueing & Language, Safe Sequencing, Creating and Inclusive Space, Using Props, Theming Classes, & Assisting Students Determining Your Personal Values, Strengths, & Core Beliefs Setting Boundaries & Embracing Vulnerability  Teaching Different Types of Yoga - Power Yoga, Slow Flow, Deep Stretch, Restorative, Yin, Beginner's Yoga, Wall Classes, & other Themed Classes THE BUSINESS OF YOGA Teaching Guidelines, Finding Your Niche, Teaching Channels, Liability Insurance, Yoga Alliance, Waivers, Creating Your Resume, Social Media & Marketing ANATOMY Understanding of Joints, Muscles, Major Nerves, Biomechanics of Movement, The Phsiology of Postural Sequencing, Breakdown of Joint Movements, Anatomical Sequencing MEDITATION Intro to Meditation, Guided & Guiding Meditations, Yoga Nidra YOGIC PHILOSOPHY What is Yoga? Unlocking the Origins of Yoga, Discovering the 8 Limbed Path of Patanjali, Foundations of the Sanskrit Language, Mantras, Mudras, & Chanting INTRODUCTION TO AYURVEDA The Science of Life & Wellbeing (Sister Science of Yoga) ​ INTRODUCTION TO ENERGETIC CURRENTS Bandhas, Chakras, Nadis & Koshas Foundations of Pranayama: Nadi Shodana, Ujjai Breath, Lions Breath, Humming Bee Breath, Kapalapbhakti, Breath of Fire, Etc..  SCHEDULE Every other Friday 5-8pm Monthly Sat 8 am - 5 pm & Sun 8 am - 1 pm Section 1: January 19-21, 26 Section 2: February 9-11 Section 3: February 23-25  Section 4: March 8, 15-17, 29 Section 5: Apr 12-14, 26 Section 6: May 3-5

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