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I'm Rachael, and since 2012, I've been curating transformative yoga experiences.


As a 500-hour E-RYT, I take pride in facilitating continuing education for yoga teachers and students.

My belief is that each one of us deserves to live an authentic, purposeful life. However, I understand that the demands of the "daily grind" can be overwhelming.

In response, I've created this empowering community to support you on your journey of unveiling and celebrating your authentic self.


This vibe goes beyond invigorating vinyasa flows; it incorporates methods to shift perspectives, transcend negative patterns, and cultivate more peace.


Are you yearning for more vibrance, balance, and meaning in your life? Or perhaps you simply seek a space filled with good tunes and great vibes?

Either way, the doors are wide open. I look forward to welcoming you personally.

With love,


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