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Aaron Bunting

Yoga Practitioner

"I have practiced with Rachael’s guidance regularly since before Ascension Wellness opened. It is a wonderful, calming environment to practice in. As for Rachel, what can you say, she is amazing. In addition to having great Vinyasa flows, she always takes time to teach, and helps each student in their individual areas if need.

If you want to strengthen your mind, body and asana, regular work with Rachael is a sure fire way to do that.

There is a wholistic approach that is unique and I learn something new every time I go.

It’s a blessing to have these offerings in Fort Mill."

Tammy Tuffy

Yoga Practitioner

"I have practiced yoga for over 5 years at a variety of studios with multiple teachers. Rachael is hands down one of my absolute favorites. She knows how to challenge your practice exactly at wherever you are at. She is authentically passionate about yoga and an all around outstanding teacher and person."

Laura Burgess

Yoga Practitioner

"Rachael has created a beautiful, clean, and inviting space in which to practice. Whether you’re looking for a non-intimidating opportunity to build your yoga practice or just looking to get started, I would highly recommend Ascension Vinyasa!"

    Margie Wheeler

    Yoga Teacher

    "After practicing yoga in the Clt area for well over 10 years I have finally found the class that best serves my practice. Rachael delivers a class that is creative, challenging and educational. I am beyond grateful for this space!"

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