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Corporate Wellness

Investing in Corporate Yoga is a smart choice for any business. Not only does it show your employees that their mental and physical wellbeing is a top priority, but it also has numerous benefits for the company as well. When employees take a break from their desks to practice yoga, they return to work feeling refreshed and focused, leading to a boost in productivity. Plus, regular yoga practice has been shown to improve overall health, which can lead to lower healthcare costs for businesses.

5 Reasons to Make Corporate Yoga your Wellness Solution

1. Tackle Workplace Stress Head-On

Combat the detrimental effects of workplace stress, from health risks to productivity losses. Highly stressed employees face increased health costs and decreased efficiency. Stress contributes to cardio metabolic diseases and escalates costs, reaching billions in lost currency.


2. Science-Backed Stress Solution

Scientifically proven, yoga offers rapid relief. Studies demonstrate reduced stress perception, back pain, and heightened self-assuredness after just a few sessions. Improved clarity, energy, and satisfaction are attainable within a brief timeframe. The effects endure even after sessions end.


3. Preferred Wellness Choice

Workplace yoga emerges as the favored wellness strategy, replacing traditional healthcare avenues. Accessible, cost-effective, and simple to implement, yoga meets stress management criteria. Companies adopting yoga stand out, attracting top talent and cultivating a thriving environment.


4. ROI-Driven Success Stories

Aetna's case highlights yoga's impact: 28% less stress, 62-minute weekly productivity boost, and $3000 annual savings per employee. ROI potential is evident. Enhancing health and engagement leads to better performance and qualitative benefits like improved focus, decision-making, and creativity.


5. Performance Amplification Potential

Healthier, happier employees yield heightened job performance. Yoga contributes to confidence, satisfaction, and creativity. While data on direct ROI is emerging, companies like Aetna confirm yoga's unmatched simplicity, flexibility, and efficacy as a wellness cornerstone.

Corporate Yoga Packages

Platinum Wellness

3 sessions/week for peak productivity & teamwork.

Gold Wellness

2 sessions/week for balance & mental clarity.

Silver Wellness

1 session/week for energy & positive vibes.

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